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2008 Presidential Elections
McCain, Obama, or Someone Else?
Last Post: Jul 25th 2008
Author: YellowJacket
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Homecoming Football Game
Wasn't able to make the dinner and dance, but had a great time seeing everybody under the big tent at the game! Wow, you people look great! Below are three old amigos, from left, Melissa, Karen and...
Last Post: Oct 17th 2006
Author: Karen
# of posts: 1
How 'bout those Dirty Birds! Can't wait until MNF vs. the Saints.
Last Post: Oct 1st 2006
Author: JCHANG
# of posts: 7
Republican vs. Democrat
Since this is an election year, I thought it would be fun to see how everyone has "grown up" politically. First of all, do you even vote? Are you left wing, right wing, middle of the road? Do you...
Last Post: Sep 26th 2006
Author: Karen
# of posts: 11