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9/11/01 - Where were you?
I was teaching my 8th graders about earthquakes when Roxanne Daniel came by and told us to turn on the TV. I don't think many of my students really understood what was happening. Even I had never...
Last Post: Oct 13th 2006
Author: JCHANG
# of posts: 18
If You Could Turn Back Time...
If you could turn back time and do anything different in high school, what would it be? I've always wanted to play the quad drums in the Calhoun High Marching Band. Scotty Whittle had me convinced...
Last Post: Oct 6th 2006
Author: tchang
# of posts: 2
What's For Dinner
I am confronted with what to feed my family on a daily basis. My mother always had some canned green beans (from my maw maw's garden), and some sort of potato, and a meat. I am hard pressed to come...
Last Post: Sep 29th 2006
Author: tara
# of posts: 50
Where's the Beef? Who shot J.R.?
These are questions we were plagued with through our high school years. I'll never forget the Crying Indian or the Tennessee Trash Man. I just sent an email to a friend in Iraq who was telling us...
Last Post: Sep 27th 2006
# of posts: 4
Our Clothes
What about those little pocketbooks with the reversible fabric and wooden handles? You could button on different fabrics to coordinate your purse with your clothes..they're back!
Last Post: Sep 20th 2006
# of posts: 17
Television Favorites
There were several favorite family sitcoms and variety shows that we watched as a family when I was growing up like Hee Haw, The Lawrence Welk Show, The Jefferson's, Sanford and Son, The Carol...
Last Post: Sep 15th 2006
Author: MWT
# of posts: 10
Six Flags Senior Night
I can't remember who all was along but I do remember skipping the concert, going downtown, meeting a homeless man, and buying food for him. We didn't realize the danger at all. I'd be sick if I...
Last Post: Sep 7th 2006
Author: Alicia
# of posts: 5
High School PE Classes
Anyone remember Square Dancing Class in the High School Lunchroom?
Last Post: Sep 7th 2006
Author: MWT
# of posts: 7
CJHS Memories- A note from Lynda to Rachel
And HE got mad at me years later when I made a certain Dalton football player dummy to burn at a bonfire!!!!!
No, I actually remember some of that. We had discovered that if you take a drink...
Last Post: Sep 7th 2006
Author: rlwl68
# of posts: 4
The Martin Theater on North Wall Street
Did anyone ever go up to the balcony?? For some reason, I was scared of those step!?!?
Last Post: Sep 6th 2006
Author: MWT
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Elementary School Nicknames and Humor
Just thumbing through my 1979-1980 autograph book and noticed that nicknames seemed to be in. Here are some of the nicknames that the following individuals signed my book with:

Last Post: Sep 5th 2006
Author: JCHANG
# of posts: 3
We had a lot of worthy clubs at CHS....I enjoyed being a part of the Anchor Club. I came across a letter from Cindy Garland, our president and Debbie Clark, the secretary dated Monday, November 11,...
Last Post: Sep 4th 2006
Author: MWT
# of posts: 5
Several folks have mentioned Kaki Phillips....She was truly the greatest! I'll never forget how she constantly hit my feet with a ruler to keep my toes from tapping on stage...guess this was a...
Last Post: Aug 30th 2006
Author: MWT
# of posts: 3