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While Living in San Antonio I was fortunate to have several Calhoun visitors. Here is a picture of William Holland in a hat he found in Nuevo Loredo Mexico.
Last Post: Oct 9th 2006
Author: tara
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I thought since Mitchell is entering the world of parenthood and many of us have experience in this area we would share our stories and advice on kids. I saw somewhere that Tara recommended taking...
Last Post: Sep 27th 2006
Author: mcneeser
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My Personal Friend
Mitchell - Thank you for obeying Him and posting your message. I love knowing that I have a spiritual family in my old classmates. I have always had a relationship with Jesus for as bar back as I...
Last Post: Sep 26th 2006
Author: Mitchell
# of posts: 15
Jobs I've had...
Jobs...well, I started out working part time as a legal secretary for my dad during the summers. I was an ad salesperson, sold subscriptions and worked in the bookkeeping department for the Calhoun...
Last Post: Sep 8th 2006
Author: Jerrianne
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New York City
Several of us have stories to tell about our trips to see India while she was acting in New York City. Judith and I traveled to the Big Apple and dined at Tavern on the Green; shopped in...
Last Post: Sep 7th 2006
Author: MWT
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