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Favorite Teachers
Coach Ken Baker!

The green felt tip pen rules!
Last Post: Nov 19th 2010
Author: tchang
# of posts: 38
Audio Visual class "Projects"
Anyone remember filming a horror movie at the old school on John's Mt?
Last Post: Jan 3rd 2007
Author: gyoung
# of posts: 7
Those funny "Secret" Valentine Polaroids
Be My Valentine - Just get me out of class to get my picture taken! I think I spent about $20.00 getting guys out of class!
Last Post: Nov 17th 2006
Author: Drena
# of posts: 2
Are we all afraid to admit our favorite Friday/Saturday night activity.

Some repeatedly looped through the Pig parking lot for another drag down Main street back to Johnny Martins...
Last Post: Oct 19th 2006
Author: tara
# of posts: 40
Homecoming Floats
Who remembers working on those "extravagant" homecoming floats at the armory? The Great Locomotive Chase, Gold/Silver/Bronze Olympic Medals, Knight In Shining Armor Fights Dragon in Cave, Rambler Car...
Last Post: Sep 27th 2006
Author: tchang
# of posts: 22
some of the classics...
Did you ever doubt it? Don't answer... All I'll say is if Rachel has audio proof of my audition for "Tony", some things should stay buried.
Last Post: Sep 27th 2006
Author: harris.jones
# of posts: 21
Going REALLY old school
David, my brother and I didn't get to experience the Eastside School experience since we moved from Michigan to Calhoun in the 5th grade (@ Line Street). We did have half a year at Max V. Tolbert...
Last Post: Sep 26th 2006
Author: Dave
# of posts: 95
Cruising - Then and Now
Anyone brave enought to post your Then and Now ride??? This tells a lot about a person!!

PS - You can google the make and model of your car under "Images" to find a pic
Last Post: Sep 15th 2006
Author: Faulk
# of posts: 15
These are pics that I like to show my daughters. Of course, they are GC students, so they are their mother's rival.
Last Post: Sep 8th 2006
Author: JCHANG
# of posts: 21
Senior Trips
Any "Big Red Boat" alums here want to share any stories? I heard the S/S Royale sunk a few years ago and is now at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. That's probably where most of the stories should...
Last Post: Sep 7th 2006
Author: JCHANG
# of posts: 12
REO Speedwagon/Survivor
I very clearly remember Julie Smith and Christy Moss getting me grounded for a month after the REO/Survivor concert in Chattanooga! :) Christy's step-mom was suppose to drive us (at least that's what...
Last Post: Sep 6th 2006
Author: Karen
# of posts: 10
Two Words
Last Post: Aug 31st 2006
Author: DanaCurtis
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A Challenge. . .
Who can finish either of these WITHOUT looking them up. . .

"Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, creeps in this
petty pace from day to day. . ."

Last Post: Aug 30th 2006
Author: Dave
# of posts: 16
Flipped (Junk) Car
You know those haircuts are actually in style here. With the only barbers availble local Iraqis who bought clippers and swear that they are seasoned stylists people have resorted to what Harris and...
Last Post: Aug 24th 2006
Author: JCHANG
# of posts: 8